Free Prize Draw

Each month one winner will be randomly selected to win a 15kg bag of Skinner’s food of their choice.

The winner will be notified by email and asked to choose which product from our complete range they would like to receive. We will then post a voucher which can be redeemed online with ourselves or at your local stockist.

The draw will take place on the last working day of every month.

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Recent Past Winners

May 2024

J Boughey

April 2024

L Marshall

March 2024

E Robson

February 2024

T Shiplee

January 2024

L Hanna

December 2023

A Stopher

November 2023

E Jones

October 2023

D Lea

September 2023

M Fletch

August 2023

K Wilson

July 2023

S Davies

June 2023

E Whitehouse

May 2023

S Taylor

April 2023

J Cooke

March 2023

C Hedges

February 2023

S Owen-Waring

January 2023

E Auld

December 2022

N Gills

November 2022

H Watkins

October 2022

J Mouland

September 2022

A Gwillim

August 2022

C Macleod

July 2022

S Needham

June 2022

L Seward

May 2022

L Saunders

April 2022

S Sumner

March 2022

R Hall

February 2022

J Hurrell

January 2022

G Lorne

December 2021

K Fenwick

November 2021

W Read

October 2021

S Needham

September 2021

A Morris

August 2021

C May

July 2021

J Blacknell

June 2021

N Branca

May 2021

M Howard

April 2021

P Bewsher

March 2021

A Scobbie

February 2021

L Caley

January 2021

R Groves

December 2020

J Hurrell

November 2020

R Barnes

October 2020

L Lawson

September 2020

T Smith

August 2020

J Taylor

July 2020

C Bagley

June 2020

G Habbin

May 2020

D Clubb

April 2020

C Williams

March 2020

D Pace

February 2020

L Loben

January 2020

A Sclater

December 2019

M Edwards

November 2019

C Spalding

October 2019

T Pearce

September 2019

J Macrae

August 2019

S Dale

July 2019

J Jamieson

June 2019

M Yarwood has 10 dogs, which include Labradors, English Springer Spaniels and Jack Russells.

May 2019

Toni has 5 Finnish Lapphunds.

April 2019

Anne-Marie has 4 St. Bernards.

February 2019


January 2019

Margaret has 8 Labradors

December 2018

Heidi has Spaniels and Labradors