Puppy Packs

Feeding the next generation

We’ve been working with breeders for decades, helping to give puppies the very best start in life, nourishing them from weaning and through those all-important first stages of growth.

How to apply

How it works


Register a Litter with Skinner's

Register a litter of puppies detailing litter size, breed, weaning food and whelping date.


Puppy Pack Sent - Give it to new owner

Once we have received notification of the litter, we will send you a puppy pack. You should give a Puppy Pack to a new owner, along with their beautiful new pup!


Tell us about sold Puppies

When a puppy has left your care to go to a new home, use the Puppy Sold form to tell us about the lucky new owner and which Skinner's food it has been weaned on.

What's included

Free Food!

2.5kg bag of food which the puppy has been weaned on.

£5.00 Voucher

A voucher for £5.00 off your next purchase of a 15kg bag of Skinner's food.

A Feeding Cup

A feeding cup to help serve your puppy's meals.

Our Puppy Guide!

A 16 page guide full of useful information to help new owners prepare for their new puppy.

Our latest Skinner's product brochure

A 16 page brochure which outlines our entire product range and nutritional benefits, for when your puppy is ready to take the next paw up!

How to Join

1. Firstly you will need to have signed up for a account and then sign-in.

2. Apply for our Puppy Pack Scheme
As an existing account user, simply click on “Apply for Puppy Packs” in the main menu (under Puppy Packs) or click the button below.

Login / Apply for Puppy Packs
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I use Skinner’s as it is a well-balanced diet for young puppies & my Labradors thrive on it. This together with the informative puppy packs help new owners get off to a good start.

Steve Sword

Weaned puppies on

Field & Trial: Puppy Duck & Rice

We love being part of the Skinner’s Puppy Pack Scheme – our new puppy owners are delighted to receive their packs and it gives us as breeders reassurance that the puppies will continue on the same food they have been weaned on whilst settling into their new homes

Sylvia Holman

Weaned puppies on

Field & Trial: Puppy

The Skinner’s Puppy pack scheme is excellent, we are gun dog breeders and have been using Skinner's for many years now with great success. Every puppy leaves us with a bag of Skinner’s puppy, new owners always comment on what good value for money the food is continuing to buy in the future.

Simon Stubbs

Weaned puppies on

Field & Trial: Puppy

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Free Prize Draw!

Every month we give one winner a 15kg bag of their dog’s favourite food. Could it be you this time?

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