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Hiedi Hutchinson

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December 8, 2015

8 ways to show your dog you love them

It goes without saying that we all love our dogs, but have you ever wondered if your four legged friend knows how you feel? Read on for plenty of ways to say ‘I wuv you’.

Grab the lead

No matter how tired you are or how busy life gets, make time to exercise your dog every single day. Dogs need a physical workout and the mental stimulation they get from the new sights and sounds they encounter while they’re out. Show them you love them by never depriving them of their walkies.

Act as a pack

All dogs are social creatures and their family is their pack. Show your dog you love them by operating as a pack and taking them with you whenever you can – errands, coffee dates, visiting family, on holiday – if you want to go they will too.

Make a fuss

Dogs crave human touch and they all love a good fuss. From quick belly rubs to doggy massage, make sure you show your dog some physical affection every day.

Feed them the good stuff

Just like us, dogs benefit from a good diet. It’s important to feed your dog a high quality natural food to suit their age and activity level. If your dog eats well, they’ll feel well too.

Have a good old chat

The sound of your voice is incredibly soothing to your dog and chatting to them helps you the two of you bond. Dogs can understand a lot of what you’re saying without actually processing the words, so you don’t need to feel embarrassed about having a chat

Play games

Dogs love toys and may seem content playing alone, but they’ll enjoy a game with you much more. Show your dog you love them by setting aside time to play games with them. Fetch never goes out of fashion!

Be consistent

Sometimes it can be tempting to allow your dog up on the sofa that’s usually out of bounds or to feed them a few sneaky scraps from the dining table… These ‘special treats’ are actually really confusing for dogs, who need boundaries. It’s a much better idea to stay consistent so your dog never feels insecure.

Give praise

When your dog behaves well, let them know you noticed and that you appreciate it! Reward your dog with an extra walk, a tasty treat or a belly rub and remember to verbalise that they’ve been a good girl or boy too. It never hurts to say ‘I love you’ to your dog!

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