The Top 10 Dogs in the UK- French Bulldog set to overtake Labradors by next year!

Hiedi Hutchinson

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September 6, 2017

1. Retriever (Labrador)
The Labrador originated from Newfoundland in America and was bred to help retrieve fish which had fallen overboard and help haul fishing gear. They are extremely strong swimmers and require at least one hour of exercise per day.

2. Spaniel (Cocker) 
The cocker spaniel is an extremely loving and doting one-man dog. They come in various colours and markings and these are often said to have a trait in the personality. Especially the golden spaniels.

3. French Bulldog 
The French Bulldog has increased in popularity by 47% over the past year, and are set to overtake Labradors by 2018. Its main attributes are its friendliness making it a much-loved furry friend choice. However, due to the vast increase in the number of French Bulldog’s being bought, this has had knock on effects with bad breeding traits appearing in the breed.

4. Pug 
The Pug has also increased dramatically in popularity, with the likes of Jonathon Ross and Kelly Osborne owning one of the breed. They possess all the qualities of a large breed in a small dog body. Pugs are extremely affectionate and love to follow you round, and give you snuggles therefore making the perfect companion.

5. Spaniel (English Springer) 
Originally designed as a gundog, the Springer Spaniel also makes also makes a loving companion. They are also extremely good at agility, hunt tests and obedience trials. If you like walking and hiking a Springer Spaniel would be a great addition to your walks, loving the time spent outdoors and using their supply of endless energy.

6. Bulldog
The Bulldog was originally used to drive cattle to market and competing in a bloody sport called bullbaiting. They do not require a huge amount of exercise, so a short walk followed by a long nap on the sofa is just what they like!

7. German Shepherd Dog 
German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and in the right hands easily trained. Often used as service dogs for their remarkable capabilities in preventing crime by physically stopping criminals on command by their handler. They are a very protective breed helping them excel in their profession, but they are trustworthy and very good with children of all ages. They need a lot of mental stimulation because of being so intelligent, and must be well bred to prevent a number of hereditary healthy problems.

8. Retriever (Golden) 
Friendly, tolerant and intelligent the Golden Retriever makes a wonderful family pet. Both capable of being a working dog or a snuggle buddy, the breed is extremely versatile and can also make a good assistance dog. Being natural athletes, makes them an ideal candidate for dog agility. They have a lovely nature and are very sociable with other pets and humans.

9. Miniature Schnauzer 
a breed which has a personality twice the size, an extroverted temperament, humour. They will follow you round everywhere whether their bounding about ahead of you or curled up on the sofa next to you, you will always have a friend by your side!

10. Border Terrier 
The Border Terrier is a perfect family pet. They have a wonderful personality, and love nothing more than affection. However, we must remember that they are of working decent, and were bred to work fox and other vermin. Because of this they can have a lot of energy so you must prepare for regular walks. It is advised to socialise them as early as possible as they can become aggressive towards other dogs if they have not been in close contact with them before.

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