Moving your dog from a junior to adult food

Written by: Zoe Russell, BSc (Hons)  

Nutrition Officer, Skinner’s

As your young dog grows and develops, it’s important to consider the suitability of their diet. Once they reach adulthood, it may be time to move away from puppy and junior diets and start considering a dog food more appropriate for their adult life stage.

Moving from a junior to an adult kibble

Most dogs can remain on a junior diet until approximately 18 months of age, and in the case of some larger breeds we suggest remaining on a junior food until they are nearer 24 months before moving onto an adult one. However, this will depend on the individual animal, so please don’t hesitate to ask our nutrition team if you are unsure.

Choosing the right adult diet for your dog

When choosing the right diet for your dog, there are a few questions you must first ask.

Have I considered my dog’s breed?

Some breeds may have certain dietary requirements, so it’s important to keep in mind your dog’s breed and their pedigree. If you are unsure, have a chat with your breeder.

How active is my dog?

Think about your dog’s every day activity including their walks, play time and training classes. Please don’t be ashamed to say if your dog isn’t very active- not all dogs need a hard-working day to stay happy and healthy! Knowing this information is important when calculating the right amount to feed your dog. Our free online feeding guide is a great tool for this.

Try our online feeding guide today!

Does my dog have any dietary intolerances or sensitivities?

If your dog has a sensitive digestive system, then a diet from our sensitive range may be suitable for them. Here we have a range of diets including Field & Trial Duck & Rice, which is formulated without ingredients such as wheat.

Is my dog a fussy eater?

If your dog is a fussy eater, then it might be worth considering a diet such as Field & Trial Muesli Mix. Our mix of kibbles, coated in a delicious glucose syrup make this a delicious and interesting meal, that can tempt even the fussiest of eaters!

Does my dog have any weight issues?

If your dog has problems with their weight, then it’s worth being mindful of the levels of key nutrients in their diet, especially fat. For dogs who are prone to weight gain, we often suggest Field & Trial Light & Senior, while for very active dogs who run quite lean we often suggest Field & Trial Working 30.

Does my dog have any joint issues?

Firstly, we would suggest speaking with your vet if you are concerned about your dog’s joints. However, if your vet is happy, then we do have a few diets that may be suitable including Field & Trial Maintenance Plus or Field & Trial Turkey & Rice, both of which are made with Joint Aid for Dogs.

Does my dog have any health issues?

If your dog has health issues and requires a specialist diet, then it’s important to speak with your vet in the first instance. At present we don’t manufacture any prescription diets but where your vet has made a diagnosis of a condition that might be supported by nutritional advice, we are happy to offer support, guidance and discuss possible products, involving your vet where appropriate. 

Making changes

If you do decide to make any dietary changes, we would suggest making them slow and gradual over approximately 7-10 days to minimise the likelihood of digestive upset.

Don’t forget, if you’re unsure which of our foods to feed or how much you should be feeding, try our free online feeding guide; which will provide you with a personalised recommendation for your dog.

Contact us

If you would like any help selecting the right diet for your dog, then please contact our nutrition team at and we would be happy to help.

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