Why we love our Field & Trial Muesli Mix

Field & Trial Muesli Mix sometimes gets a bit forgotten amongst our customers. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a fantastic product though!

We decided that you need to see the evidence for yourself. Keep reading if you want to learn why our Field & Trial Muesli Mix is so great…

1. It is ideal for fussy eaters!

The Muesli Mix is paw-fect for fussy eaters because its coated in wheat glucose syrup; which is enough to entice any pooch! If that alone isn’t tempting enough, the food consists of a wide variety of tastes and textures. This is due to it being a mix of whole-wheat biscuits, cooked cereals and vegetables, combined with beef-based protein pellets, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. The beef-based protein pellets mean that when warm water is added, it becomes like a delicious gravy! Making it even more tempting for your four-legged friend!

2. It is well suited to dogs who partake in moderate to high amounts of exercise.

This food is great for dogs who need stamina out on the field. It gives immediate energy for dogs who are in moderate to hard work but if your gundog is prone to fatigue towards the end of the day, if you give the Muesli Mix as a lunchtime “snack”, this can really help them to prevent losing condition during periods of high activity. The cereals, biscuits and peas boost the carbohydrate content, guaranteeing the sustained stamina needed for a full day in the field.

3. It helps to keep weight on dogs.

Dogs who partake in lots of exercise, tend to lose weight easily. Muesli can really help to prevent this, since it is highly digestible. This means that more of the food is going into and being used by the dog’s system, rather than coming out as waste. It is also down to the fact that it consists of such an appetising mix of meat, cooked peas, cereals and crunchy biscuits, coated in wheat glucose syrup which tends to be more appetising to most dogs than other foods, encouraging the dog to eat more.

4. Field & Trial Muesli Mix is a “traditional” style dog food and is also good for anal gland health.

The Muesli Mix looks how you would imagine the “traditional” dog food to look. This is popular with not just pooches, but also with their humans. It is also brilliant for dogs with anal gland issues, because it helps to firm up the dog’s stool.

The Field & Trial Muesli Mix has its benefits, and we hope that through this, you can see them clearly. There are other perks including the beef that goes into the food has high levels of protein, which helps promote strong muscles, teeth and bones. The oils are brilliant for extra energy, and the cereals, biscuits and peas boost the carbohydrate content; which also boosts your dog’s stamina.

If you’re dog struggles to maintain their condition during periods of high activity, then this might just be the right food for them!

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Our products are available to buy online but we would love you to support one of our loyal stockists up and down the country!

Where to buy

Our products are available to buy online but we would love you to support one of our loyal stockists up and down the country!

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