A Day in The Life Of Our Office Supervisor

Hiedi Hutchinson


January 30, 2019

Skinner's Office Supervisor and her dog

Name                           Job Role

Julie Myhill                                                 Office Supervisor

Julie is our Office Supervisor. Julie heads up our customer service team here at Skinner’s. For Julie, her day starts with her alarm going off at 5am to take Hudson, her Springer Spaniel (fed on Field & Trial Muesli), out for either a run or a walk for an hour, sometimes accompanied by Sophie who works in Customer Service! On her return she makes her kids packed lunches and gets ready for the working day.

After either walking to work, or on days where the kids have lots of bags to take to school, drives, Julie arrives at her desk about 8am. She starts by checking her emails and making sure all the DHL deliveries are planned for the following day. No day is the same for Julie, taking customer enquiry phone calls every day means that her job is widely varied. Phone calls can range from nutritional enquires, to orders being put through.

The best part of Julie’s job for her is interacting with the customers and the area sales managers and she doesn’t have a low as she loves her job!!

Favorite hobby

Love walking Hudson, jigsaw puzzles and collecting Hippos.

How many dogs do you have and what breed are they?

One Springer Spaniel called Hudson

What are they fed on?

Field & Trial Muesli 

Highs of job

Interacting with the customers and ASMs

Low of job

I don’t have a low point really, I love my job!

How do you start your day?

  • Wake up at 5 am
  • Go for a run with Hudson and Sophie (who works also works in Customer Service) about 3 times a week.
  • Days when not running, go for a walk with Hudson for an hour.
  • Get home and make pack lunches for kids.
  • Have a good breakfast – something like scrambled eggs on toast!

What is an average day at work for you?

  • Get to work about 8 am, sometimes walk or drive if the kids have a lot of bags to take to school!
  • Look through emails
  • Meet with Matt to discuss the day
  • Check DHL deliveries for the day after- to make sure they are all planned.
  • Take phone calls, customer service.
  • Take nutritional enquiries
  • Sort out couriers for ASM’s
  • Taking orders

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