Appreciating our pawfect Fur-Mums

Hiedi Hutchinson


February 26, 2019

Dalmatian and puppy

Happy Mother’s Day fur-mums! I hope your fur-babies have given you lots extra snuggles and wet kisses!

With Mother’s Day coming around again, we tend to focus our attention on the human Mums out there. We fill them with chocolates, treat them to breakfast in bed and cover them in flowers; lovely, right?… Right! Fear not though, you dog-mum’s have not gone forgotten. We know how much time, effort and love goes into raising a fur-baby, and we want to appreciate you on this day too!Do you ever wonder if it would have been easier to have just had a child rather than a dog? Keep on reading to find out a few of the benefits of fur-babies to human babies:

1. Your fur-baby will never grow out of giving you a kiss in public.

Dogs lick us and other dogs for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because we just taste so good! They like the taste of the salt on our skin, and sometimes find small food particles which they enjoy too. One of the most common reasons for licking, is because they want to show their affection. When they lick us, they release pleasurable endorphins, that have a calming and comforting effect. You certainly will never have to worry that they are embarrassed of giving you kisses in front of their friends!

2. They are easily pleased.

Forget taking the kids to Disneyland, your dog will be over the moon with a simple belly rub, a walk down the road or even a trip in the car with you. Dogs long for our attention and love; if you can give that, you can nearly always be sure that you will have a happy pooch. They don’t want all our money spent on them, the latest pet bed, or most fashionable collar; the only thing they want spent on them is a bit of our time.

3. Puppies will have you running around in circles for about 2 years. Children will have you running around in circles for about 25 years.

Undoubtedly, puppies are more than a handful. Yes, you will wake up to your favourite items chewed up and the occasional puddle on the floor, but that’s not much more than what you might come down to with a toddler! Puppies are hard work, there’s no avoiding it! Children are also hard work, so are teenagers, and so are adults! Children will worry you, whatever their age; you will always want to protect them. As dogs get older, they want to protect you instead.

4. Dogs are ready to leave the house in under 10 seconds. You need a solid half an hour (at the very least) with children.

Whether you have a young child or a teenager, you need to give at least half an hour warning before you are leaving the house. Even after that, they will still have to run back into the house to get something they have forgotten. You dog will be ready and waiting by the door before we can even finish the word “walkies”! The only downside to this is that you can’t use your pooch as an excuse for being late when you go out!In conclusion, children are hard work; and so are dogs. Puppies may have you running in circles for a couple of years; but they take less time to train, won’t have regular tantrums with you, they will love you unconditionally, and always be happy to see you. Whatever you have, they both need time, love and affection. So, whether you are a fur-mum or a human-mum, we salute you and think you’re doing a great job!

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