Gundog First Aid 5 Top Tips

Hiedi Hutchinson

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November 7, 2017

Whilst we take our dogs out regular on days shooting are we prepared for the implications of them getting injured in the field?

Here are some of the first steps you should take in the event of your dog getting injured in the field:

1. Restrain your dog:

Now they are hurt, they are more likely to bite you or run away due to fear. Put a lead on the dog and if you have one apply a comfortable muzzle, if it is not over the affected area. Allow the dog to adopt its own comfortable position. Ring ahead to a local vets.

How to restrain your dog:

  1. Take tape or a smooth rope lead and make a loop with a single knot and pass over the dogs nose.
  2. Pull the knot tight
  3. Cross the free ends under the lower jaw
  4. Take those ends back under the ears and tie behind the head using a quick-release simple bow to allow the muzzle to be removed quickly in an emergency.

2. Ensure the dog is able to breathe easily:

If the dog has collapsed or is unconscious extend their neck, pull out their tongue and fold it underneath the jaw.

3. Control bleeding:

You can use either a pressure bandage, or if blood is spurting from the wound, apply pressure to the artery until it stops, or by applying a tourniquet. Realise It temporarily every 10-15 minutes to allow blood circulation.

4. Comfort and reassure the dog:

Speak to them in a calm and soothing voice.

5. Keep the dog lightly covered and warm:

The ground is cold, so place something under the dog to retain body heat. Keep the dog comfortable covered and warm while it is being transported to a veterinary practise.

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