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Hannah Aldridge

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March 27, 2020

Keep your dog active during lockdown

Keeping your dog mentally fit when socially distancing

Dogs get bored too and although it’s hard to believe, they even get bored of the same daily walk. As social distancing has affected most of the country, here at Skinner’s, we are embracing the lifestyle changes with many of us now working from home. Here are some of our top tips to keep your dog happy without even having to leave the house…

It’s playtime!

There are a wide variety of toys out there for your dog. From a simple game of fetch to puzzles and food dispensers, toys are all designed to mentally stimulate your dog. 

It’s a good idea to rotate your dog’s toys and provide them with new ones.

Contented chewer

Chewing is equally important to the health and wellbeing of your dog. Investing in a good quality natural chew such as an antler will keep your dog content, and quiet whilst you make that very important conference call from home.

Training & Tricks

Dogs love learning new things and spending time with you. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, there is lots you can do.

Even if you can’t make a training class for a few weeks, practice is key. At home you can become the master of basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay and come here.

The 2 minute challenge…

Training sessions don’t have to take up loads of time, some training can be done in the time it takes your kettle to boil. Give it a go – how many tricks can you and your dog do? 

From obedience to agility there are some fantastic dog training videos online. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience, there is something for everyone. More information can be found here.

Work those noses

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. One significant finding, published last year, is that scenting and using sniffer games can help make dogs more “optimistic” and promote a positive cognitive bias (behavioural science language for making them more “glass half full”).

Hide up treats or their favourite toy around the house/garden. Using a simple command such as ‘Go find’

Learn more about how your dog sees the world…

If you are socially distancing you can still walk your dog, just be sure to keep 2 meters away from others.

Get outside

Get moving and enjoy the outdoors, after all there are some incredible sights and sounds out there. Taking your dog to new places will mentally stimulate them as well as providing you both with some physically exercise. The Ordnance Survey website is a good place to plan your new route.

If you and your dog are fit and well, check out our tips on running together.

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