Skinner’s Support Somerset Based Charity with donation of Field & Trial Dog Food

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June 4, 2020

Skinner’s donation to CCS

Skinner’s Pet Foods are proud to support numerous charities up and down the country each and every year. As a result of Covid-19, with many people forced into financial hardship, charities have seen an increase in people worried about feeding their dogs. As a business we have been keen to offer help and support where we can; when we got the call from Somerset Village Agents, we knew we had to help!

Skinner’s Area Sales Manager for the South West, Beth Payne was keen to support the charity, saying “When The Community Council of Somerset approached me, I knew this is something that we needed to support. They are a local charity to me, and the work they do is invaluable! Our Field & Trial diets are nutritionally complete, they offer all the vitamins and minerals that a dog requires. For me, the nutrition of these dogs is vital.

What is The Community Council of Somerset and what do they do?

CCS is a leading local charity that works in the heart of Somerset’s communities to inspire and enable positive change. They have teams of Village, Community and Care Agents who have been providing support for individuals and communities in Somerset since 2012.

Their Agents help by providing practical, community-based solutions to meet people’s basic needs and beyond. They work extremely closely with both the health services and social care to offer a range of support, phoning people to check on their welfare and connecting residents with local support groups.

How has CCS been able to help during Covid-19?

CCS Agents have helped with deliveries of food and medication, advice on benefits and paying bills and the provision of hot meals. They have also been working with volunteers to help combat loneliness and isolation.

You can see more of the work that they do here:

How have Skinner’s been able to help?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, The CCS have seen a huge rise in people worried about feeding their pets. Many have been going without food themselves, due to sharing food boxes with their animals. For many, a dog or cat is the only form of companionship for those isolating; meaning that their pet’s welfare is important to their own mental health. By way of support, Skinner’s Pet Foods were proud to donate bags of their popular Field & Trial dog food, for the charity to distribute to those homes most at need!

Communications Officer, Tehmina Boman-Behram, said “For a lot of the people that CCS help, their pets are their companions and their best friends. The thought of not being able to feed them because either they can’t afford food or in the current climate, can’t get out to buy food, causes an awful lot of anxiety. When we speak to these people on the phone and offer support with dropping pet food off to the door, you can hear the relief in their voices.”.

Animals make sure that individuals that the CCS support are never lonely! They make great companions and will always be ready for a cuddle. Many of these people live alone and having a pet makes them feel safer. It also encourages those who might be anxious about going outside to get out for a walk each day. Pets give people a focus, a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to keep going through tough times.

Meet the some of the dogs we have been able to help:

Cara and Holly

This man in his 60s, lost his partner a few years ago having moved to the West Country from London.  He now has severe memory loss and suspected dementia.  However, he and his family have had these two dogs for the past 15 years and they bring him comfort through their familiarity and friendliness.  He takes them for walks which he enjoys, and they help him find his way around and back home. Cara and Holly were very happy to receive their Maintenance Plus!

Cara and Holly receiving their food
Cara with her bag of Field & Trial


Gizzi the Staffie was so happy to see her food!

This relatively young man has many physical difficulties. His mental challenges of dyslexia and memory loss affect also his ability to manage too. 

He rescued Gizzi ten years ago, from being locked up in a concrete backyard, and she is now 12 years old and in her prime.  She is well behaved around dogs and people and is this client’s support.  He says, “Gizzi keeps me company as I don’t see anyone else. She gets me out and about.

Gizzi with her ball

We are proud to be able to support to such an amazing charity and feed these wonderful dogs. We applaud those who have been working hard to help the vulnerable in this difficult time. To learn more about Community Council of Somerset, head to: .

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