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Nutrition is where food is ingested to provide all the key nutrients for survival. “Good nutrition” is where nutrients are provided in appropriate amounts to support not only survival but also growth, repair, reproduction, performance output and any other demands placed upon the body. In feeding our dogs, the definition of “good nutrition” also sometimes starts to incorporate specific choices that owners make for their animals, perhaps relating to specific ingredients or processing methods. 

However, from a purely nutritional science perspective, good nutrition encompasses these key points;

  • Feeding a diet that is appropriate for the individual animal being fed
  • Feeding a diet that is formulated according to scientific principles and guidelines for the species of animal being fed (in this case, the dog)
  • Feeding a diet that includes ingredients to effectively supply the nutrients at the levels needed by the body
  • Feeding a diet that the individual animal can eat and digest effectively

Skinner’s are passionate about producing and developing “good nutrition” for your dog, from diet formulation, to the choice of raw ingredients used, considerations about sustainability and waste generation, right through to advice for individual owners about their own dog’s nutrition. They produce a range of complete diets suitable for active and working dogs, including those with specific sensitivities and other lifestyle requirements and they continually apply current nutritional science in both the advice provided and in product review and development.

Feeding a good, complete diet to your dog can help to;

  • Support growth, development and activity levels
  • Enhance performance and recovery in some situations
  • Maintain overall health and vitality
  • Support their coat, skin, immune system and digestive health
  • Manage and maintain a lean, healthy body condition
  • Support a long, healthy, happy life

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