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You can calculate how much to feed your dog using our online feeding guide. This provides an estimated daily feeding amount based on a dog’s age, sex, breed, daily activity levels, weight, and any medical issues that apply. Follow the link to try it for yourself: Here you can create a personalised profile for your dog, with recommendations of a suitable diet for them, how much to feed them and how often to feed them.

It’s also important to note that when portioning your dog’s food, we do recommend weighing it using calibrated scales to ensure feeding amounts are accurate and precise.

Labrador finishing food.

Top Tips:

  • Ideal feeding amounts are unique to every dog.
  • Always use calibrated scales to measure their food.
  • Try our online feeding calculator for personalised feeding recommendations!

Is your feeding guide based on a dog’s current weight or ideal weight?

The Puppy and Junior feeding guides are based on a dog’s current weight, while the Adult feeding guide is based on a dog’s ideal weight.

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