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There are few things in life as joyous as the arrival of a new puppy. It can also be a little daunting too. You want to ensure you give your new arrival the very best start in life, but there are so many things to think about.

Here at Skinner’s we make it easy for you to give your new arrival the nutritional support they need as they grow. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘what should I feed my puppy?’ And it’s a good one.

Balanced nutrition is vital for your new dog’s growth, their physical and mental development, and their overall wellbeing. That’s why we produce a range of complete foods specially formulated to support your puppy’s early growth and future development.

There are many articles online covering what questions to ask when buying a puppy and, quite rightly, many of them focus on diet. When it comes to what to feed a puppy, you can feel secure in the knowledge that generations of dogs have been reared on Skinner’s Puppy foods and the Skinner’s brand is a firm favourite with breeders across the UK.

There are three different foods in our range that are great for a young dog – Field & Trial Puppy, Puppy Duck & Rice and Puppy Lamb & Rice.

Field & Trial Puppy

Field & Trial Puppy is a specially formulated complete dog food. It’s ideal for weaning puppies on to from around three weeks of age and it’s also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches to support the growth and development of her puppies, before and after birth.

For the early weaning of puppies, Field & Trial Puppy can be created into a softer form by adding a small amount of warm water to the kibble. Simply let it soak in before mashing it together using a fork. This will make it easier for your puppy to eat and the food even more appetising.

Field & Trial Puppy contains all the nutrients your puppy will need to grow into a fit, happy and healthy dog. It includes chicken meat meal – which is a highly digestible protein source – and is both wheat and gluten free.

It is formulated to provide a complete balance of vitamins and minerals to support growth and includes chicken fat – a great source of essential fatty acids – to help keep your puppy’s coat in fabulous condition.

Finally, it also contains MOS (mannanoligosaccharide), a prebiotic that helps support gut health and development.

Field & Trial Puppy Duck & Rice

Field & Trial Puppy Duck & Rice is formulated to be a highly digestible kibble and is specially formulated to ensure the correct level of key nutrients for puppies of different ages, shapes and sizes.

It is maize and wheat gluten free – making it particularly suitable for puppies with food sensitivities – and includes linseed as a valuable source of essential fatty acids, which help maintain your puppy’s skin and coat condition.

Marine algae is added to provide key Omega 3 fats to support brain and eye development. It contains duck meat meal protein (28%) to support puppy growth and development and MOS (mannanoligosaccharide) is included as a prebiotic to support gut health and development.

Field & Trial Puppy Duck & Rice also contains a balance of vitamins and minerals to support your puppy’s healthy growth.

Field & Trial Puppy Lamb & Rice

Field & Trial Puppy Lamb & Rice has been specially formulated for larger breed puppies. It has protein levels of 24% and fat content of 12% to support a steady growth rate.

It contains British lamb meat meal (19%) as a highly digestible protein source to aid your puppy’s development and is maize and wheat gluten free, making it ideal for sensitive puppies.

It contains MOS (mannanoligosaccharides) and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) as prebiotics to support gut health and development. The early days with a puppy are suffused with fun and excitement and, once you’ve decided on what is the best puppy food for your new bundle of joy, you can get on with the important job of raising a happy, healthy dog.

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