Fab labs! Labradors take the lead in the UK’s most popular breed for 2019

Hannah Aldridge

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November 26, 2019

Labrador - the most popular dog breed in the UK

Our furry best friends come in all shapes and sizes, however this year the Labrador was voted the UK’s top breed.

Although in 2018 the French Bulldog came out on top, The Kennel Club have recently released information that the Labrador has taken the crown as the UK’s top dog. So, what exactly makes the lab so fab?…

They’re great family dogs

Labradors are ideal dogs to have if you have children. They are gentle and patient, and with the correct training, get along great with children. Many Labradors have a keen instinct to protect and take care of those in their family.

They are good with other pets

If brought up with other pets around, Labradors are great dogs to have with other animals. They tend to get on with most other breeds of dogs too. They are very easy going and very social dogs.

They are quick learners

Labradors are very eager to learn and keen to please, meaning that they are relatively easy to train. However, it is always key (as it is with any dog) to train them when they are a puppy for the best results, and to make sure you are consistent with the training.

They have a lot of love to give

Labradors are very enthusiastic pets. They love to be loved, and love to give love. It is very rare for this love to be directed at just one person, they tend to love everyone they meet!

They are hard workers

Although Labradors make great pets, they are also fantastic gundogs. They have been carefully bred to retrieve game and return it to their handler. Many Labradors are very willing to please, which makes them easier to train ready to be out on the field than some other breeds.

Remember that all dogs are different and have different personality traits, but we’re sure you will agree with us that the Labradors are a worthy winner of 2019’s top breed!

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