Hero Dogs

Hiedi Hutchinson


August 9, 2017

We often forget that the unsung heroes of major catastrophes; such as dogs showing extraordinary acts of braveness and determination.

With the recent catastrophe of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, there have been some amazing stories of bravery from both humans and dogs. Specially trained sniffer dogs were sent into Grenfell Tower to help in the search of missing bodies; as our much loved four legged friends are the only ones who could reach some of the most dangerous spots. Skinner’s would like to show their gratitude for the bravery of these dogs and their willingness to work in such harsh environments. With their paws protected with heat resistant boots and to protect from broken glass and debris, these dogs went in fearless to provide a service humans could not. Great job hero dogs, from all at Skinner’s.

(Daily Mail, 2017)

When a black Lab named Bear saved a toddler from drowning.
Bear the black lab saved his families son from drowning in a swimming pool. The boy was face up, showing signs that he was in serious trouble. Bear cleverly stayed still underneath the boy to ensure his head stayed above water. It was later confirmed that without Bear the boy would have drowned.

(Daily Mail, 2012)

Ozzy the heroic German Shepherd
Ozzy is a nine-year-old German Shepherd who prevented a knifeman from blowing up a tower of flats in Sterlingshire, Scotland. This brave dog was released by his handler Brain Tennant and managed to get to the man in time before he was able to ignite gas cylinders with a lighter. Since showing such bravery Ozzy has been awarded the George Cross- great job Ozzy!

(Express, 2017)

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