National Walking Month!

Hiedi Hutchinson

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May 1, 2018

May is National Walking Month. The nights are lovely and long and the weather is getting warmer and slightly less rainy…. So it seems like the perfect time to start walking that extra bit with your dogs.

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Benefits for Humans

Walking poses great benefits for both you and your dogs, such as:Improving heart health
Helps control blood pressure
Improves circulation
Strengthens bones and muscles
Helps aid digestion

Benefits for dogs:

Reduces boredom and stops dogs from becoming destructive
Reduces hyperactivity and helps calm your dog down
Reduces attention seeking behaviour
Helps control weight
It is a great training opportunity, and done everyday you can master commands

Benefits for both dog and man together:

Strengthens your bond together
Helps with weight control for you both
Improves socialisation
Increases physical and mental health
Helps build trust with your dog

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