Should I feed my dog a grain free diet?

Hannah Aldridge,

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May 29, 2020

Grain free dog food

Every dog is different and there are many benefits to having grains, such as rice, in a dog’s diet. Having said this, if a dog has an allergy or intolerance to grains such as wheat, barley and rice then grain free may be worth considering. 

Finding a dog food which a dog with allergies can thrive on can be tricky. This is why we formulated a diet using a grain free recipe that doesn’t compromise on nutritional quality.

Is Sweet Potato good for my dog?

Many consider this simple ingredient a ‘super food’… but did you know it is a highly beneficial ingredient for dogs who cannot have grain?

Here are some reasons why we include it in our Grain Free dog food:

  • Source of fibre to support healthy digestion.
  • Source of beta-carotene which has antioxidant properties and is a precursor for vitamin A (vitamin A is an essential vitamin for healthy vision, coat and skin, as well as immune function).
  • Source of essential minerals including potassium (important for nerve impulses) and calcium (to support healthy bones and teeth).
  • Source of important vitamins including A and K, as well as a number of B vitamins.

What causes a dog to have allergies?

Allergies can be caused by any number of things and food allergies in dogs is not as common as you may think. In a recent article, Dr Jacqueline Boyd applies the science and sheds some light on the phrase most owners dread, “My dog is allergic to his food, what do I do?”.  

An unlikely fan

This diet is a firm favourite with Gloucester Rugby player Willi Heinz’s dog.

Not sure which food is right for your dog?

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