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January 2, 2020

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Written by: Dr Jacqueline Boyd, BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD, PGCHE, CHES, FHEA, MRSB
Nutritional Consultant, Skinner’s Pet Foods

Your dog needs food to live. At Skinner’s, we recognise how important a balanced diet that is well formulated, includes all the essential nutrients and is suitable for you and your dog is! We realise there is a huge amount of information about feeding your dog available to help make the best choices but sometimes, owners are not sure where to turn for correct information. For this reason, we keep up-to-date with current nutritional science, both for a formulation and advisory perspective, to provide current and consistent advice.  

Online resources

Our busy lives mean that sometimes questions and queries need an answer almost immediately. For your dog’s nutrition, we have tried to help our customers with our updated website. This can easily be accessed from mobile devices, so even on the go, you can access nutritional information and even buy your dog’s food direct from us!

You will also find a great library of articles relating to your dog’s health and nutrition – it is definitely worth a browse if you have a burning question about skin conditions, feeding for fitness, joint concerns, or even just out of interest.

Take the opportunity to set up a specific profile for your dog(s). By answering a series of questions about your dog, their health, activity level and some other key questions, it helps us to identify which food might be most suitable. The FREE Feeding Guide will also give you an indication as to how much you dog will need to eat on a daily basis. Online resources like this can be really useful for busy owners with active dogs, to help you keep a close eye on what and how you are feeding!

One important point is that feeding guides are simply that – guides. All dogs are unique, and this applies as much to how they use their food as anything. For this reason, feeding guides are estimates, based on the “average dog”. We would always suggest monitoring your dog’s weight and activity level carefully after any dietary transition and amending their food intake accordingly to maintain a healthy body condition. The feeding guides we produce are a great place to start when choosing the best diet for your dog from the Skinner’s Field & Trial range. If you would like more detailed advice, help and support contact our experienced and friendly nutrition team and we would be delighted to help you, help your dog!

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